About us

Hello! We are a young, but already recognized worldwide company for the production of various parts for cars. At the moment, we are mainly engaged in the manufacture and modernization of some parts for the Lexus IS200 / IS300 car. But gradually we will cover more and more common car brands. We started our activity in 2007, and gradually our team has grown and developed. And in 2016 for the first time we were noticed abroad and in the same year there were the first sales of our goods abroad. And since then, 90% of our products are sold abroad and are in great demand. Please see our assortments and a huge selection of products on is200 / is300
About our products
All our products are made of fiberglass. Covered with white or gray gelcoat for painting. We do not drill all mounting holes, but offer the installer to drill them independently - which prevents re-drilling if the holes on the machine do not match. Before painting, all the details are tried on in their places, if this is required, the planes are eroded and screwed onto the attachment points, and only then are given to painting. Gelcoat must be coated with acrylic primer without staining, then paint and varnish are applied. The main advantage of fiberglass is maintainability, then even with serious damage it is easy to repair it even on your own - for this you need to use polyester resin and glass wool or fiberglass
The result of our work

Packaging of our goods

Each product is carefully packed for further transportation. The packaging is tight and strong, so it cannot be damaged.